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May 2006
Top 15 Reasons We Don't...
01. PlanetJ and the Aftermath
PlanetJ Corporation is excited to partner with the Covenant Community Church and the Mississippi Baptist Disaster Relief Organization to assist in bringing relief, resources, and rescue to victims of future disasters. This initiative, born after hurricane Katrina, will allow relief coordinators to track and coordinate volunteer groups as they assist victims in need.

02. WOW 6.4 Service Pack 2 Available!
Bug fixes, enhancements, and new features including: HTML Code Association, PV Seach & Paging, Please Wait functionality, enhanced paging, Horizontal Graph formatter, and much more...

03. Integrating Microsoft ActiveX with WebSphere
In this Search400 tip, PlanetJ developer, Paul Holm, describes how to integrate Windows-based applications -- Outlook, Word, Excel -- with iSeries back end data.

04. Guide to Evaluating RAD Web Application Tools
From strategy and ease-of-use to productivity and price, making sure the tool you buy is right for you is critical to your success. PlanetJ has developed a guide to the right questions to ask to ensure the best fit for your business. Below are links to a blank version of this questionairre that you can reuse, as well as a version with answers filled in for PlanetJ's WOW.
[ Blank Worksheet ]    [ PlanetJ's Answers ]

05. 2006 Michigan iSeries Techinal Education Conference
PlanetJ's Paul Holm will be speaking on leveraging iSeries tools to create web applications at the Michigan User Group meeting on June 6, 2006.
06. OCEAN Annual i5 Technical Conference
Southern CA iSeries loyalists—visit us at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Irvine CA for this popular event. Senior WOW Developer, Paul Holm will be presenting educational sessions on iSeries Web Development and we’ll have the latest WOW features available for demo at the Expo! 07. WOW Case Study
Metal Technology Solutions (MTS), a leader in the design and manufacture of precision-oriented metal components and assemblies, uses PlanetJ's WOW Enterprise to extend InforXA (formerly MAPICS) . 08. WOW Webinars
For a limited time, when you sign up for a webinar, you'll have a 1 in 10 chance of winning a $100 Shell gas card!

> June 1 - 11AM PST
> June 13 - 11AM PST

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WOW Brings Home the Gold, Again! [ Newsletter Archive ]
WOW: Tips and Tricks

.: Add a WOW Link to Your Existing RPG Green Screen Application

If you didn't already know, you can easily invoke a WOW application from a Client Access 5250 emulator session. This feature can help you integrate your existing RPG green screen applications with browser-based WOW applications.
1: Edit the preferences on your Client Access 5250 emulator (Personal Communications) session.

a) Edit > Preferences > Hot Spots
b) Check the “Execute URL” box.  If you would like the URL link to appear as a button, also check the “3-D Buttons” box. 

2: Alter your DDS/UIM to add one or more WOW URL’s to your green screen.   A sample link to invoke a WOW application would be:


In the link above:
  • wow64 is the web application folder
  • runApp tells WOW to run one of its defined applications
  • lvid=25 tells WOW the operation to be run has an id = 25
  • productNum=135663 is an optional runtime parameter passed to operation 25, which could be used in the operation’s SQL code to help alter the operation’s output:
          SELECT * FROM mylib.products WHERE productNum = ??^productNum

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