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PlanetJ Corporation is an Advanced IBM Business Partner.   We specialize in iSeries WebSphere development.  WOW was evaluated recently by the Roadmap for Developers team and was placed on the IBM roadmap as a key enabler in the “tools” category. 

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IBM Roadmap leads to WOW

January 2005 Edition



For tips on programming with WOW, check out the video instructions created by PlanetJ.  These videos take you step by step through developing your own applications. 

View here!

See how WOW entry is being used.  If you have it downloaded, you could be providing this to your team free of charge: 

Click here for examples of WOW Entry Query

What’s coming?  WOW v7.0……

· New UI with pull down menus—a modernized look.

· Even easier to enhance and extend.

· New query builder with the ability to select fields reducing the need for SQL knowledge.

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WOW 6.2 Enterprise Edition is being used to teach Java and Web Development to Lambton’s IT Students

“Working with PlanetJ has been a very positive experience.  The work is done professionally and response time to additional requests has been exemplary.  I was particularly impressed with WOW’s capability of making changes to the database structure ‘on the fly’ during a conference call.  I see why your product is winning support with our customers.”  ~ Kathy Bourn, Essex Technology. 

Flowserve Corporation used WOW and their iSeries to connect  suppliers “Supplier Net!”  More Here.

“The customer service and support these guys (at PlanetJ) provide is above par.  Much more than I have received from other software vendors.” Mylene Ortiz ~ Flowserve          


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