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On a daily time entry WOW operation, I've used the report break function and it works fine.  I'm trying to sum hours and minutes.  Do you know a way I can do this and account for hours and minutes so if I have more than 60 minutes I can have the hour field incremented? 

 SQL has full date/time arithmetic.  Here is a reference on W3 SQL school for data time math


Can I default select field values when using insert to add a record.  If I use the option to enter daily time there is a prompt for technician and date and all of the time for the select date is displayed. The user then sees all of his/her time logged for that date with subtotals.  If I press insert the technician and date should be defaulted to the values initially selected.  How can I do this? 

 Associated Inserts.... for example:   insert into log (technican, datefld, start, end) (??currentTec, ??date, ?, ?)  

See the WOW manual section 10.4.3 - Associated Inserts 

July 2005 Edition

The IT Jungle provides many useful tips and resource information for the iSeries professional.  If you have not accessed this electronic newsletter, please check it out.  We love it!  Here is an article recently published that we would like to share with you—Why SQL, Why Now?


By learning SQL, improve your WOW proficiency and ability to create your applications quickly and easily!  Here is another site we found particularly useful:

Why SQL?  This programming language provides users flexibility and power!