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PlanetJ has heard this question from IT staff and managers time and again….”how can we affordably create secure 24 X 7 customer service?”  The key word ‘affordably’ pretty much determines whether or not businesses are able to provide such service. If development cost exceeds savings, where’s the value? 


Web self service applications are an increasingly popular way to do carry out B2B, B2C, and B2E transactions. 


PlanetJ’s answer to the above question is ironically with a question mark, or more specifically, three question marks “???”  In an SQL operation, the triple question mark provides everything your programmers need to provide authentication of your users and provide the type of individual security necessary to develop self-service applications.  iSeries “data centric” web applications can be created in a fraction of the time it takes to write these programs with Java.  This PlanetJ white paper describes how your company can provide these applications.  See more in…..WOW For Self Service

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WOW Self-Service B2B/B2C

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PlanetJ staff provides very timely prototyping.  If your business has a self-service project in mind, and you would like to see how quickly WOW can get it done, contact us for our Prototyping Service.  PlanetJ will develop or assist you as you learn! 


This is a very affordable way to test drive before you buy. 

WOW for iSeries 
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WOW with JDEdwards: 

1) One of the issues with JDE is it generates sequential numbers that you don't know in advance ... they end up creating dummy records to get a valid number then go back and update it.

We have done WOW applications inserting with World.  WOW has a built in feature to automatically sequence a field as well by adding 1 to the previous value.  In all cases, WOW will be able to handle any requirements because it has the full power of Java.

2)  Can the developer add additional drivers to the drop down (JDBC Driver for Notes)

Yes,  the driver list is built dynamically from the WOW metadata repository.  Additional records can be added by simply putting them into our repository along with the java Jar files.

March 2005 Edition

 “I see this product giving us development power like I've never seen before in my 30 years in this profession.  Many products claim to be 'RAD' but WOW truly seems to be a RAD product.  We will use this product not only for development to assist our customers via Extranet apps, but also to develop Intranet applications as well.  Plus, this product will allow us to maintain data in a single repository (iSeries) rather than separate servers (i.e.; Windows).  I am really excited about getting started using this product!”

~Geary Richard, Corporate Director Information Systems—Aurora Trailer had this to say after taking the WOW Introduction Course February 28-March 3, 2005~