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To utilize existing legacy code, such as an RPG program, you’ll need to create an external stored procedure for each program to be called.  Once a procedure exists, WOW can call the procedure, which in turn calls the program.  Creating a procedure registers the program so that SQL can locate it, as well as defining properties needed to correctly call the program, such as the program name, the parameters required, the language the program was written in, etc.


See an example here:



Here is the SQL statement used to create the procedure shown: 






For instructions on how to download the library and try it out for yourself, click here!

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I am working on an SQL operation within WOW.  I need to compare a  date in the data file records with the system date, but I can't figure out how to do it.  Is there anyway possible to retrieve the system date in the SQL operation?


SQL has a built in function to retrieve the system date.  The function is "CURRENT DATE".   If your data file is a Date data type  (this is a DDS L type) then you can use something like:  Select * from lib.table where expireDate = current date 


If your data field type is NOT a actual date but a number that represents a date reference the following article to see how a numeric or char field can be converted to a date data type then compare to the system date (current date). 

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