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WOW Samples Gallery

.: WOW Calendar

The WOW Calendar add-on allows the user to create a dynamic, data-driven calendar using information directly from any database. Our calendar sample allows you to view a calendar, add, change and remove entries.

.: WOW Commerce

WOW Commerce is a suite of Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) modules built upon WOW’s powerful, award winning frameworks and APIs. WOW Commerce enables rapid creation of Linux, IBM iSeries, and Windows shopping cart applications. Existing ERP application tables can be used to provide real time integration with product information. The sample allows the user to view, search for and add products to a shopping cart.

.: WOW File Server

WOW File Server (WFS) provides the user the ability to access (download) documents or any other type of file. WFS integrates seamlessly with WOW, providing the same security features used by WOW. Any type of file can be served using WFS, including files residing on iSeries IFS, Windows file systems or mapped network drives. Our sample of WFS has numerous "sample" files available for serving via the web.

.: WOW Fusion Charts

WOW Fusion Charts is a flash-based Web reporting and executive dashboard tool. This group of samples demonstrates the multiple charting and instrumentation features, as well as dynamic, data driven dashboards.

WOW & Google Earth

.: WOW & Google Maps

Google Maps is a free online tool that provides many useful features leveraging satellite imagery. Google Maps provides graphical maps and various presentations of terrain. Google Maps and WOW can be used to track customers, vendors, or sales and map out areas of interest. Now with Google Maps and Google Earth browser plug-in compatibility. Our WOW & Google Maps demo will allow you to add address information and have that data render in a Google Maps browser plugin, Google Earth browser plugin or the stand-alone Google Earth program. We also have another example of a Map inside a Dashboard in our WOW Law Enforcement sample, click HERE to view that sample.

WOW Law Enforcement

.: WOW Law Enforcement

The WOW Law Enforcement sample utilizes multiple features of WOW, as well as a few WOW add-ons (WOW Fusion Charts and WOW & Google Maps) to create a robust set of features to assist Law Enforcement officers as well as their IT/Statistical Analysis counterparts. This sample has a variety of features.

WOW Multi-System Query

.: WOW Multi-System Query

WOW's MSQ, also commonly called Federated Query, enables a single end user query to return results from multiple databases and systems. Database records from multiple databases are combined and transparently returned for user viewing. In our Multi-System Query sample, we've combined two identical tables, one from a MySQL database and one from an SQL Server database.

WOW Reports

.: WOW Reports

WOW Reports is an add-on feature of WOW that allows report development with Microsoft WORD and PDF programs. Users can easily create forms using these programs and WOW will merge and populate these documents at runtime. Some examples include: an invoice form, statements, bill of materials, etc. In our Reports sample, we've included examples of many available report features.


WOW WYSIWYG (HTML) editor allows users to create and display HTML content using a standard web browser. HTML content can be stored in a standard database and viewed like a normal web page. This allows dynamic content applications such as Blogs, business meeting notes, Web site content, and more to be developed. Our WYSIWYG sample allows for users to insert a new WYSIWYG record, edit or copy an existing record.