Release Notes

WOW 7.1

WOW 7.1


  • Added functionality to RunOp to allow executing Operation with parameters
  • Added ability to include a secondary SQLOperation to use for authentication for OS plus SQLOperation sign on
  • Added TinyMCE display component
  • Added support to recognize RIGHT as a function when parsing SQL
  • Added support for SQLServer trusted authentication (integrated security)
  • Added columns action to Operation's Code field on edit to allow user to more easily search/add column names
  • Added support to auto complete display component to honor jQuery UI autocomplete functionality
  • Added jQuery Datepicker with Time picker display component
  • Added the ability to specify replacement libraries to use at the connection level (overrides all replacement libraries)
  • Add support for full text searches
  • Added the ability to specify path of resource to edit for CSS/JSP editor
  • Added additional support for managing WOW related licenses from the WOW Builder
  • Added ability to edit possible value keys directly from Field Descriptor possible value key field.
  • Added a base JSP that can be used to generate Row details under a RowCollection with Ajax
  • Added support for collapsable field sets on tab details
  • Added support for multiple values with RunTime parameters
  • Added a quick edit link for failed operations


  • Added allowColResize property to TableDisplay property group default string
  • Show error message when rendering HTML select where data type does not match Field Descriptor data type
  • Increased the max length of menu labels and items to 128
  • Changed logic to update version directly instead of through Row object
  • Change to only show FieldDescriptor recognition icon on results page
  • Restructured jQuery helper classes for ease of use as well as updated jQuery and plugin API versions being used
  • Changed initialization of ActionRequest object to use Action's properties as it's default properties
  • Change made assign tie context to parameters when it's parameter collection is set.
  • Change class hierarchy of AutoCompleteProperties to extend PossibleValuesPropertyGroup
  • Modified initialization of metadata for properties in property groups to allow easier creation
  • Added support for minimum table width and height on table resize feature
  • Changed ordering of Operations in WOW Builder to include child Operation's directly below their parent Operation


  • Fixed an issue where inserting an Operation containing UNION all, where all is lower case caused memory issues
  • Fixed issue with File Upload display component loading to a Blob field storing a blank value
  • Fixed an issue where initial operation of application was using the wrong operation
  • Fixed issue where parameter values on associations were not being tracked properly
  • Fixed an issue where Operation edit failed just after it was inserted
  • Fixed issue with Editable Select display component not allow selection of drop down values
  • Fixed a few issues with FD Xref tool that allows developers to see where Field Descriptors are used.
  • Fixed is with missing default database when connection properties are included with a MySQL jdbc url
  • Fixed issue with refresh/cancel
  • Fixed an issue with old behavior not being honored for INSERT based operatons when show instructions property is not used
  • Fixed some CSS rules in a few css files in the default themeissues with FD Xref tool that allows developers to see where Field Descriptors are used.
  • Fixed a syntax rendering issue with Hover Panel display component
  • Fixed problem where current project schema switched to system schema when using log wizard.
  • Fixed an issue with Ajax requests executed from page in browser history (i.e. user clicked back and ran Ajax related request)
  • Fixed NullPointerException issue when attempting to escape a null value for XML parsing
  • Fixed an issue where project schema was not defined when Application or Operation not specified for direct execute on URL
  • Fixed an issue with the wizard tool for Google Maps (requires WOW Google Earth/Map Add-On)
  • Fixed an issue with data caching on Operations not being honored
  • Fixed a navigation error that occurred when multiple Ajax requests would run concurrently when using More Rows Action
  • Fixed issue where users do not manually click apply for user defined display components


  • Removed explicit exception for SQLTextReplacementParameter
  • Removed leading zero from service pack number on WOW version

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