Web Object Wizard


WOW lets you avoid the tedium of manual coding so you can focus on the important stuff, like building cutting edge, professional grade web applications in minutes.



Create web apps in minutes.
Literally create fully-featured, sophisticated, web applications against your own data in minutes.

Build for the future now.
100% industry standard JAVA and SQL gives you platform independence and seamless migration to wherever your business takes you. No proprietary language to learn.

Robust features built-in
WOW is packed with the features you need to easily produce complex, powerful applications – no programming knowledge necessary.

Utilize existing staff
WOW applications can be created by users at all skill levels allowing you to increase your ROI and productivity.

Award winning product & support
While consistently taking home the industry's top awards, PlanetJ's WOW provides unparralled support.

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Still King of the Hill WOW wins GOLD Product of the Year again for Application Development Tools from Search400.com

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