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WOW Multi-System Query

WOW Multi-System Query Features
Multi-System Query
From a single user query, search multiple data sources and combine the results. MSQ can concurrently query and combine database results from any RDBMS.

Case Study
WOW MSQ is currently being used by multiple law enforcement agencies. MSQ allows law enforcement agents to execute queries for persons, vehicles, guns, and property. MSQ works behind the scenes to distribute the single query to multiple databases in neighboring agencies and districts.

High Performance
MSQ is able to leverage WOW's high performance cache technology to speed queries increasing end user productivity.

Here's how it works:

Using a law enforcement example: an end user query can be created using WOW's award winning dynamic prompting technology. The query includes prompts for first name, last name, gender, age, and other related fields. Multiple database connections and tables can be configured to be included n the query.

If a user enters a first and last name, such as "John Doe," MSQ will execute a query string using "John Doe" against the configured databases. The results from each back end query are combined and presented to the user.

From a single user prompt, law enforcement is able to query all other available databases for information. Imagine an officer stopping a person in San Diego and discovering that this person is a suspect in a crime committed 9 hours earlier in Oregon. That is information on demand! That is WOW MSQ!

WOW Multi-System Query
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