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Google Earth

WOW & Google Earth

WOW & Google Earth
Instant Mapping
With just one click, have instant mapping capabilities. For use with any version of WOW - Entry through Enterprise.

Data Drill-Downs
Access your data and bring it to the Web using the WOW Builder. Create association operations to drill-down into your data.

Limitless Possiblities
Assess location for sales and marketing assessment, provide insurance quotes based on location data, map customers, limitless possibilities.

Your data is always secure using advanced WOW security features. Allow access to specific users or groups of users.

Any Database
WOW can connect to ANY relational database (SEQUEL, MySQL, ORACLE, PostgreSQL, DB2, etc.).

Your Location Data Comes to Life!

To set up Google Earth with your WOW application, a user simply must create an SQL look up operation to display the desired table. Next, by implementing a RowCollection on the table called and setting field descriptors for location field names (latitude/longitude if known, address, or zip code), your data can automatically be drawn to the Web and inserted into Google Earth's mapping features.

Google Earth will then allow you to pin-point these locations, obtain directions to them, or make business decisions based on the number of mapped points. Google Earth also provides many other featuers - see land marks, power plants, hotels, restaurants, etc. surrounding your data.

For more information, you can take a look at this introductory video or visit the official Google Earth homepage.

WOW & Google Earth
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